About us

We are a company which challenges traditional patterns and structures. Our software products come from our own ideas and through Creative Partnerships.

We provide state of the art AI solutions based on advanced mathematical models and algorithms.

Our vision

"To enrich and dignify people’s life by predicting and creating new amazing markets"


60 YEARS - Industrial systems.

60 YEARS - Marketing, sales and business development.

30 YEARS - Mathematic modelling and Artificial Intelligens.

20 YEARS - Human Resources.

5 NATIONALITIES in the team.

Qognica holds expertise in programming with MatLab, R, TensorFlow, CUDA by Nvidia, Python and Java. 

Creative partnership

We welcome Creative Partnerships with individuals and organisations that have ideas with high Artificial Intelligence content. Together we strive to make them real and alive. 

Our mission

"Qognica empowers people and organisations to gain deeper insights and reaching beyond their limits by using Ai Solutions"

Feel free to connect with us to present your ideas or project. 



Automate and optimise financial transactions. Automate and increase resolution of credit and risk evaluation.


Market evaluation. Portfolio optimisation. Development of advanced tools for analysing and automate management of stock portfolios. 

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Advanced signal analysis and signal curation. Twin models. Data driven inverse methods and meta analysis.

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